Machinery / Lab Equipment

Production Equipment & Machinery

Fully Auto Multi-Color Flexo Printer Slotter

Used for converting blank corrugated paper board to high quality 4 colours printed carton together with precision slitting, creasing and slotting

Fully Auto Die Cutters

For carton makers requiring precision register for alignment of machines particularly suitable for die cutting scoring and creasing work, on paper, cardboard, rubber, plastic materials, PVC etc.

Gluing Machines

Stitching Machine


Laboratory Test Equipment

Compression Tester

The compressive forces are related to some of those exerted on containers in stack or encountered in transportation. The method is used to compare the compressive resistance at different grades and compare the compression characteristics of boxes differing in design or construction. The information used to provide on indication of the load that able to withstand.

Burst Strength Testing Machine

The Burst Strength tester is used to test the bursting resistance of paper.

Mircocomputer Ring Crush Tester